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واقعیت افزوده موسیقی

Augmented reality of music

واقعیت افزوده معماری

Augmented Reality Architecture

واقعیت افزوده محیطی

Augmented reality environment

واقعیت افزوده مبل و مان

Augmented reality furniture

واقعیت افزوده کتاب

Augmented reality book

واقعیت افزوده فرش

Carpet Augmented Reality

واقعیت افزوده علوم

Augmented reality of science

واقعیت افزوده دکوراسیون

Augmented reality decoration

واقعیت افزوده دایره المعارف

Encyclopedia Augmented Reality

واقعیت افزوده خودرو هوندا

Honda Augmented Reality

واقعیت افزوده پزشکی

Medical augmented reality

واقعیت افزوده آموزشی

Educational augmented reality

واقعیت افزوده آموزش زبان

Augmented reality of language education

محیط Top Down با Unity

Top Down environment with Unity

طراحی محیط با آنریل انجین

Environment design with Unreal Engine

ری بوت Undreamed با یونیتی

Reboot Undreamed with Unity

ری بوت Undreamed با آنریل

Reboot Undreamed with Unreal

پروتوتایپ بازی با آنریل انجین

Game prototype with Unreal Engine

بازی واقعیت افزوده تیربار

Augmented reality shooting game

بازی واقعیت افزوده

Augmented reality game

بازی هفت خوان رستم

Haft Khuan Rostam game

بازی ماجراجویی اول شخص

First person adventure game

بازی کودکانه WordyLand

WordyLand children's game

بازی کژوال با آنریل انجین

Casual game with Unreal engine

بازی غیر قابل تصور 2

Undreamed 2 game

بازی غیر قابل تصور

Undreamed game

بازی سبک رانر

Runner style game

بازی رانر ماشینی

Car runner game

بازی ترسناک با Unity

Horror game with Unity

بازی اول شخص ترسناک

First person horror game

بازی اندروید

Android game

بازی اساطیری با آنریل انجین

Epic game with Unreal engine

ابزار مدیریت پروژه Chic ToDo

Chic ToDo project management tool

ابزار ساخت اسلحه Gun Maker

Gun Maker tool

ابزار تبدیل رندرینگ به URP

Rendering to URP conversion tool

ابزار تبدیل رندرینگ به HDRP

Tool to convert rendering to HDRP

ابزار Selection Gizmo

Selection Gizmo tool

ابزار Quick Hierarchy

Quick Hierarchy tool

ابزار Ez Tools

Ez Tools

ابزار Backup Boss

Backup Boss tool

Rebloom's Achievements

Creating the first Iranian game in the style of Interactive Drama "Undreamed"
- Received an award for the game "Undreamed" at the "Independent Game Makers" festival in 2015
Interview with the TV show "Ryanma" related to the game "Unthinkable"
Making the first mythological game based on the story of Haft Khuan Rostam of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh with the aim of publishing in the international market
History of cooperation with the scientific and technological institution of the presidency
Appearing in the television show "Mahramane" of Do Sima channel

Received the "Best Technology" award for the "Tirbar" game at the "Independent Game Makers" festival in 2015.
Writing a specialized article on "Augmented Reality" for "Rayanma" magazine.
Making the game "Tirbar", the first Iranian action shooter game with augmented reality technology
Construction of the oldest Iranian augmented reality project in 1992
Construction of Iran's first environmental augmented reality project for the large Koresh complex in Tehran

Holding a game making training workshop at "Lightech" school of Sharif University
Holding private and public teaching of game engines from 1994 until today

Experience of more than 6 years in the field of specialized content production
Launching the first Iranian games review site in 2014
Confirmation of Cafe Bazar media in 2014 with Devlog site
Received the "Best Game Review" award at the "Independent Game Makers" festival in 2015
The activity of producing specialized game content and gamification in "Basiology"
The start of content production with the new brand What IT in 1402

Selling products in the Unity Game Engine Asset Store
Mastery of both the powerful game engine Unity and Unreal Engine

Rebloom Team

Mohammad Garous

Majid Tavakoli

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